Monday, May 25, 2009

MORE fame...not fortune...

Been seeking a good web service to display photography and make it easily available to people for purchase. Through connections with other photographers on Twitter, I found

Spent a lot of time this weekend sorting through a few thousand images from the last couple of years. RedBubble has a global community and groups of special interest. So far I've contributed to Texas (of course), New York and Italy. The cool thing is my photos made each of those group pages, displayed under "Recent Work". By the time you read this, they may be gone because the work rotates quickly. But it was gratifying to see my photos on those pages and getting at least a few clicks for viewing.

To answer your question: no, I have not yet quit my "day job".

But now I see that all things take time, and if I'd stuck with some projects I started about 9 years ago, I'd be a lot further along now. So, re-starting...

Texas group:
Italy group:
New York group:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kids are home!

Kids are home! From college, that is. This may be a familiar scene to some as summer nears. Hey, it could be worse - could be piles of clothes sitting by the washer! Amongst the stuff here is a diploma folder - so it's all good. This is truly a transition time. Eldest daughter about to go off on post-collegiate pursuits. Big plans. Headed for LA. Not one to go for the easy, predictable route in life. Other college daughter will be spending summer in classes and at a job to keep down costs. Son will be here another year before college. I don't think it's totally hit me yet that one of the brood is about to "leave the nest". I'm being eased into the empty nest stage of life slowly - over about 9 years! Yep, there will be one or more kids in college for that long in my family. At least I'm done, took one off the rolls. Now, how many years will it be to pay for all of this higher education?? I'm workin' on my alternative means of income!!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Fame...not Fortune (yet)

Ironically, some of the stuff I follow on Twitter is related to positive thoughts, advice etc.

One of them asked for input on how to advise someone how to avoid worry, and he selected my "Tweet" (140 char limit) of suggestions. It's posted on his blog:

Yes, that is my NYC-standing-in-freezing-night-for-UCB-tickets photo that I'm using on Twitter and this I am NOT a Sith Lord, thanks for asking...(Smith Lord, maybe)